"TINY TOWN"-for toy and small dogs

$22.00 per dog

(multiple same family dogs under 15 lbs. staying together $22 for the first dog then $18 each additional dog - i.e. 2 dogs-$40, 3 dogs- $58)


(multiple same family dogs over 15lbs $22 for 1st dog then $20 per dog)


large breed special care (elderly or handicapped) $28.00 per dog


"THE VILLA" - for medium to large dogs

Single dog $28.00

Two same family dogs staying together $48.00

Three same family dogs staying together $68.00

Four same family dogs staying together $85



$16.00 per cat, $14 for additional cats staying together


**You are charged for the day you drop off regardless of drop off time**

Pickups any day after 1pm will be charged for that day.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no 12-1pm pickup on Wednesday and Saturday so you would have to pickup 8am to 10am on those days not to be charged.


We are open Sunday evenings for your convenience .

***please realize that you will be charged for Sunday!!***


Click on "Extras" to see pricing for playtimes, medications, and bathing


Please remember that you are responsible for the dates you have reserved. Because we usually have a wait list of people needing to board - Notice must be given at least 48 hours in advance to cancel your reservation or to pick up your pet earlier than you have scheduled or you may be charged

prices subject to change without notice