Pool Play is availabe for $10.00 per dog per session-

20 minutes in our 14 x 40' inground saltwater pool with staff member attending - includes playing with water toys




Treasure Island Playtime with staff member in our huge grassy area with extra large sandbox,includes playing ball or frisbee - available for $5.00 for 20 minutes



One on One Cuddle/Playtime is available for $5.00 per session

15 minutes with staff member



Bathing is available starting at $18.00 and up includes ear cleaning, nail trim, anal glands expressed.



Nail trim only - $8.00



Oral Medication - $1.00 each time (we provide pill pockets or treats)- i.e. once a day is $1.00 twice a day is $2.00 three times daily is $3.00



Ear Medication - $2.00 each time



Injectable medications - $2.00 each time



Some elderly or special needs pets may incur extra charges for additional care, cleaning, and laundry necessary.