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POOL PLAY is available for $10.00 per dog per session - 20 minutes in our 14' x 40' inground pool with staff member attending - includes water toys. 

TREASURE ISLAND PLAYTIME with a staff member in our huge grassy area with extra large sandbox for digging, playing ball or frisbee, and  just enjoying the large free space for running and sniffing the country air!

$5.00 for 15 minute session for one dog

$4.25 per dog for same family dogs enjoying together.

ONE ON ONE CUDDLE TIME with staff member is available for $5  per session

NAIL TRIM ONLY - $8.00 - $10.00

BATHING is available starting at $18 and up - includes ear cleaning and nail trim.


ORAL - $1.00 each time (we provide pill pockets or treats)

INJECTABLE - no longer available

EAR MEDICATION - $2.00 each time

EYE MEDICATION - $1.00 each time


Some elderly or special needs pets may incur extra charges for additional care, cleaning, and laundry as needed.ditional care, cleaning, and laundry as needed.

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